MUGGSY, obscure Children’s TV show from the 70’s


MUGGSY, from left: Paul Michael, Ben Masters, Sarah MacDonnell, 1976-77

This is serious TV trivia.  I remember a television series that was geared to young people that aired on NBC in the 70’s.  What made this show interesting was that it dealt with crime, drugs, gangs and life in the inner city.

For the longest time, I just could not remember the title.  All I could remember was that the best friend of the protagonist was named Clytemnestra.  She looked after this red haired girl who was living with her brother in a trailer, or truck or something like that in the city.

For some reason, I found the series!  And my memory served me well.

The TV show was called Muggsy.  Sarah MacDonnell was Margaret Muggsy Malloy, the girl with bright red hair.  Her brother Nick Malloy, played by Ben Masters, was a cab driver who took care of her. I recalled her father had a serious drinking problem and the mother was absent, but I cannot recall the reason.

Unlike a lot of shows, it was very “real” and dealt with some hard core material.  It was way above average and I remembered it being very good.

I cannot believe my memory brought this obscure show back to life.

12 episodes were aired, but 13 were created.

According to what I found out, here are some interesting facts about Muggsy.

Notable guest stars included Christopher WalkenDavid NaughtonPamela Reed, and Scott Baio.

The theme song was sung by David Clayton Thomas of Blood, Sweat, and Tears.

If you recall this long forgotten series, let me.  I just recalled how good it was and how it dealt with such hard material. I do not think television has really done anything like this as far as gearing something like this to young people.


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