Are Veterans Invisible in America?

Several days ago I saw a political pundit on H.B.O. talk about possible war in Iran.   When she mentioned taking military action, she did so with such non nonchalance that I was stunned into silence.   She talked about war as if she were talking about a new app for her Iphone, only with far less enthusiasm.
However, when it comes to equipping troops in war and providing mental health care, medical health care,  housing and adjustment to civilian life after combat, suddenly “We The People,” who are already struggling to find jobs and keep our homes are the only ones who are expected to  provide for them.
We do, but we can only do so much.
I want to do what I can.     I have several works of art that deal directly with VET’s and I am selling them with the direct intent of giving a sizable percent of the proceeds to Disabled American Vets.
If this is successful, I will do more.   I am just wanted to do something for the Vets.
I lost my father as a direct result of a Nation that was “War Hungry.”  I have been grieving for 54 years his loss.   I do not want another person to know what I have felt and still feel.
Here are the pieces I have available.

Thank you so much for reading this, and please distribute.

Doing something, even a small something, is better than doing nothing at all.
A work that talks about War. It is inspired by a Greek Helmet from Ancient Times.
A percentage of the proceeds will go the Disabled American Vets
$ 300.00
VET, this painting was created during the Iraq War.  It has also been on display at the Prestigious Herberger Theater in Phoenix.

This work is available for  sale with a suggested price of $ 400.00
A percentage will go to the Disabled American Vets

If you have any questions, please feel free to email be at


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