Joni Mitchell Found Unconsious

The words, “Joni Mitchell found unconscious in her home now in intensive care,” greeted me this morning.   It seemed so surreal someone who had been a fixture in my world since high school could be ill.   It just seemed so unreal.

Drawing cleberating Joni Mitchell's  birthday

A drawing created at the request of Joni Mitchell’s fan club online.

It also made me  look at some of my work, drawings inspired by her that at one time appeared on her official web site.  They may still be there.

The Kimono drawing I created was a request drawing from her fan club.   I don’t think she ever saw it.   Mitchell is not a huge fan of high tech.  But I enjoyed created the Kimono drawing.

Here is a drawing I just found not too long ago.


A drawing inspired by Joni Mitchell.


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