Kurt von Berhmann and Bruce Lee Purcell: The Wedding

Living, can be an ocean.

Life, can be an ocean.

Love, can be an ocean.


Sometimes, the waters are calm.

The Wedding Video

Bruce and I were married on November 8th of 2014.

Arizona made same gender marriage legal.  This allowed for everyone to enjoy the advantages of marriage.

This was something I would have never believed even remotely possible.

I am so glad this has happened.

The video covers the entire ceremony.

Now we have a record of that special day, including the signing of the marriage certificate.

It is so great to have an actual record of that day.

I am so pleased that we can all be married in Arizona.

My hope is that the remaining states yet to legalize same gender marriage will follow, and follow quickly.

Sometimes, they are turbulent.

Sometimes, the waves are miracles.


A soul can be a vessel.

Sailing through existence.

But the water is so wide.

Getting lost can be easy.

Losing your way, much to easy.


If you are fortune,

Another soul becomes an anchor

Another soul becomes the destination

Another soul can keep the wild beasts at bay

If you are lucky, you find a life preserver

Someone keeps you from falling too far into madness

If you are lucky, you find someone to feel the joy

If you are lucky, you find someone to share the blues

If you are lucky, you find someone to love.


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