Eighty-Six A drawing from the past


A prisma color from when I lived in Central Phoenix

Eight-Six took several years to acquire a name.  It sat in my collection of drawings for years. It was never placed on exhibition.  When I spent time looking at it, this drawing felt as if it were miles away from where I am now.  In contrast to what I had created in graduate school, this really felt like a glance backward.  The figure had been absent from my work for sometime.  When I returned to it, there would be a decidedly “surrealistic” element to my creations.

Of all of the work I had ever created, I had a series of drawings that I had created that felt that they were really more for me than for patrons or the public, this one felt intensely private and somewhat cryptic .  Only in retrospect did I come to understand that for several years I was creating some art for myself without the intention of ever placing them on exhibition.

Usually when I create work, I have some thought that it would be work placed on display of some kind.  Why I created work only for me is something of a mystery.  During the time I was working on my “underground” collection, I was exhibiting work.  There were several figurative works completed during this period that found their way to exhibitions.  Several found homes with new owners.  But the works like this were never brought out to public view.  I think only I ever saw them.

I was not sure about placing this work on the internet, but I also thought why not?

There will be more from this unseen collection placed online soon.

Check out my web site for more information, http://www.behrmannart.com




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