Domestic Violence A Drawing A Day

Information on the drawing a day.

A Drawing A Day

This link explains the work Domestic Violence, part of my continuing series, a drawing a day.

Each day I will put up a new drawing online.

More On What is Going On.

A few days ago I learned that my exhibition proposal has been accepted.  The details are in process, but I am very excited about the  opportunity this represents.   New work never before seen will be presented.  In fact one of the pieces is in process.

This is all great news, however I am looking to mount not one, but two, solo exhibitions.   It has been about a year since my last exhibition, and I have much to say with this next one.

Without giving too much away, these exhibitions will include tie ins with the written word.    I do intend to blog and write about this online.

Naturally, this all requires time, work and money. Sadly, finances rears its ugly head.





Even as I write, I am applying for a grant and looking to start other venues for fund these two projects.

Without giving too much away now,  it is a concept show and it is something that I have not seen attempted.

I can tell you multi media is part of that.

As part of my mini celebration, I am putting up a drawing a day.

Each day I will put online a rarely seen drawing.   These drawings are from my personal collection. They represent ideas that I have been working several years ago.

If you like one,  let me know.   I am making these drawings highly accessible.

If you just must have one right away, and you happen to be in Phoenix,  you can pick one up and see the studio at the same time.  I will be working around the clock on this.

If you are interested in knowing more, let me know.

If you want to assist in spreading the word,  let me know.

The mystery will unfold over time.




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