Cricket Wireless Makes Good

The MotoG and Me

The MotoG

The face of a great little smartphone


For the most part, I have been happy with my mobile phone carrier, Cricket Wireless.  The price points were good, and I liked the unlimited use.  Previously I had a plan that curtailed use. It is a true pain having to keep track of details like this, so unlimited really added to my enjoyment of the service.

There was a bad side to this.  That happened to be my phone.  The HTC One V.

To say that Cnet’s review of the phone is very “generous, my experiences told a story of a negative reaction to this phone.

Slow does not begin to cover the speed of the HTC one.   On every front is was plodding.  Nothing worked smoothly.  The web browser was virtually useless.  Updating apps was a futile task.  To install the latest version one had to do it one app at a time.  To update all applications turned into one long wait.  After several hours and no progress, I simply gave up on updates.

This was not the only area where the phone was deficient.

Texting was marred by not being able to delete old text without pressing the delete option over and over again.  Replying to existing text messages was problematic.  The text was unresponsive.  You could not add to existing ones. You also could not start a new one without some difficulty.

Plodding, unresponsive and filled with glitches was the norm.  There was no escaping the short comings of this smartphone.

So I complained to Cricket Wireless that this phone was defective.

The first response from Cricket was to replace the phone.  They certainly did this.  What resulted were a series of phones plagued with problems.

Five replacements later, I still contending with a handset that was incapable of performing the basic functions of a smart phone.

My final compliant included insistence on speaking with a store manger. The phone was purchased at the corporate store.

The issue was passed on to retention.

Things stalled a bit until I contacted Cricket Wireless P.R. contact.

A few phone calls and Cricket finally offered a solution.

That solution came in the form of the MotoG.

I could not be happier with a device.

In sharp contrast to my HTC phone, this one was a marvel of performance.  The web was practical and responsiveness was consistent with the type of performance in a much higher end handset.

What Motorola, now owned by Google, has managed to produce a decent phone with performance that rivals the much more costly devices that occupy the higher category of smartphones.  This is a marvel in itself.

How I was able to compare functions has to do with reviewing new phones.  Sprint had provided me with flagship phones.  These smartphones gave me points of comparison.

The reviews of the MotoG were favorable.

Now, I am currently happy with Cricket Wireless and I have a smartphone that accomplishes everything that I had hoped for in a phone.



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