August 5, 2013

Dee Dee Woods is a photographer in her own right with some amazing work. She has shown at the Herberger with me, and some of the strongest artists in the Valley.   As a labor of love,  she is putting together a showing of work that honors her father’s contributions to the arts.

She is hosting an event, listed below with times and dates.

This is a day well worth putting on your calendar.

See what Dee Deed just did.

Dee Dee Wood' Invite

Invite card for Dee Dee Wood’s exhibition


Dee Dee Does It: The First Annual Studio Project Exhibition.

Dee Dee Woods is putting together an exhibition in honor of her father, Rip Woods, who was the first African—American Professor of Art at A.S.U.

This exhibition is a celebration of his art.

When: The exhibition opens Saturday, August 17th starting at 7 p.m.

Where: Dee Dee Did it/ @ 934

934 East Southern Avenue

Phoenix, AZ  85040

For more info: 602-486-4272


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