Bipolar and Foreclosure


Bipolar and Foreclosure, A video

This video shows me in my home with my dogs and significant other.  

For the last few months, we have struggled to keep our home.  It has been frustrating, unnerving and not helped by Bank so badly run that they cancelled our foreclosure date due to problems with documentation.

There are a lot of details too long to address here, but several phone calls later I was able to halt the sale.

I had only two hours left before my home was sold out from under me.

Many are experiencing this, and I held out hope and still in my home.

I do need to sell work, make more money and struggle with bipolar at the same time. This horrible mental illness was one I had for years and years.  No one knew I had become several mentally ill until an awful tragic event compelled me seek help.

Actually, I was taken to therapy, group and then urgent psychiatric care.

From there I was prescribed medications.

I became suicidal at several points.

I still struggle with wanting to kill myself.  What is worse is that good alternates with the awful.

There is more to tell, but I needed to start someplace. 



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