An over view of the Iogear Spill Resistant Keyboard and Mouse Combo

I just completed another video.
I have always liked reviewing tech. Primarily this was in the written word. But lately, things have become more and more about video.

When I picked up, or rather was given a hi def digital camcorder, a new world of video editing opened up for me. I have had digital cameras, but I have never used one as often as this one. And it is fun to create these as well as learning the software that makes it possible.

Here is a review of the latest and greatest keyboard from IOGEAR.
Having used several, I like this one a lot.
The keyboard feels great, and the mouse feels good in hand.

This is much better than most keyboard combos that ship with most PC’s
The big exception, I do like the keyboards that Dell and in particular Gateway include.

I just wish they had some PS 2 ones around.

As for wireless, I am over that experience. The problem with batteries, and running out of power, it just a plain pain.
I still like m Logitech wireless mouse and the Smartfish mouse is an ergonomic pleasure to use.

But at the end of the day, I like this one very much,the spill resistant IOGEAR keyboard and Mouse Combo.


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