An Artist Returns to the Studio

The Start of Art, Again.

An Artist Returns to the Studio

After a long interruption, work, chaos at work, new posts, assorted stuff, basically the survival issues we are all dealing with now, making art has taken a secondary seat, and not something I am thrilled with  at all.

Finally, after going through some difficult situations, I am finally in a work situation that is going well. In fact better than I could have anticipated.  After being away from Academia, I returned to it after an absence.  Now back in it, the process has been a good one.  Now, I am actually practicing what I have long since been preaching, creating a journal and write what you feel as you create.

For me, this is something new.

I have kept visual documents, sketches and the like of my work, but had yet to actually write down what I am thinking of prior to, or even during, the creative process.

For the last few months, this has been easy. I had no visual process taking place.  Even as yet, it is slow.
Instead of being in the studio,  I did a “kind of sort of” thing where I procrastinated to the point of not knowing what to do next.
Well, today,well yesterday, I started.

Work in Progress

A painting that has been waiting.

A friend came over, posed for some sketches and that started the drawing. Then today began the prep work.

Oddly enough I wound up doing everything but painting.

I ran, dropped off a copy of a magazine, washed the exterior of my car, cleaned the back yard a bit, cleaned the kitchen after a mess I had made cleaning the studio and then finally worked on a new logo.

With all this done, still have yet to hit the canvases.


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